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High tea time… and there are the cups!

Finally. I have been working for about a year now on designing and creating a decent, user-friendly but still pretty tea (or coffee) set: cups, milk pitcher and a sugar bowl. Even tough I like the random collection of cups I have in my kitchen -each piece has its history-, I thought it was time for a well-matched set.

Stoneware ceramic tea set clayandmore
Stoneware ceramic tea set ©Clayandmore

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Bowls feeling blue

Bowls feeling blue

White ceramic breakfast bowls, finished with blue line decorations.
Don’t worry, they work just as fine as brunch, lunch, snack time or even dinner bowls.
Stoneware – glazed

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kommetjes - bowls
Kommen, steengoed geglazuurd - Bowls, stoneware glazed