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Getrapt part 2 – adding some drama

Time to add some drama – and chocolate sauce! Inspired by the dramatic Baroque grand staircases, Trappe Blanche visualizes the staircase as status symbol.

getrapt -   trappe blanche white porcelain staircases
getrapt – trappe blanche

Verder lezen Getrapt part 2 – adding some drama

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‘Getrapt’ – Architect-Tour 2013

Ingekaderd from the series Getrapt - Clayandmore

As you could read in my last blog post,

I’m participating in ‘Architec-Tour 2013′: a Flemish art project about the relationship between clay and architecture.  Time to show my work!

Getrapt - white porcelain staircase - Clayandmore

The staircase as architectural element

I was inspired by the staircase as architectural element. Being as old as the hills, I was intrigued by the different roles it got throughout history: Verder lezen ‘Getrapt’ – Architect-Tour 2013