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A bit of paper clay magic

geblad - papierporselein ©Femke De Roo

I don’t really believe in magic tricks, but since I discovered paper clay, I’m not so sure anymore.
We had an inspiring workshop from Guy Van Leemput, a master in paper clay sculptures, at the IKA.

The result of the workshop was a beautiful little exhibition. Funny how, even though you all start from the same basic materials, you get so many different results. Take a look!

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Getrapt part 3 – Religious staircases

Voila, the third and last piece of my series Getrapt, called Fragile. This piece visualizes the religious role of a staircase. Just think about the endless steps leading up to temples and churches, or the steps in front of an altar, elevating the ‘sacred’.

getrapt - fragiel white porcelain staircases

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