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Ceramics – The faceted forms of Halima Cassell

Halima Cassel  Halima Cassel

The way Halima Cassel has perfectioned the art of manipulating the planes and facets of a pattern, result in beautiful carved ceramic forms.

Each ceramic piece is so intriguing, making you zoom in on the picture vigorously trying to find out how she possibly did it: where she started, how she carved the facets, etc. I can only admire the craftsmanship, dedication and endless patience that must be behind each of her pieces.

If you -like I did- want to see more of her work to find out how she did it, visit Halima Cassel’s site.

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clay meets wood – layered

clay meets wood - layered
clay meets wood - layered

Layered – is the next composition of the ‘Clay meets Wood’ family. It’s based on my previous works where I experimented with layers of clay and later layers of clay mixed with other materials, such as glass.

This new variation plays with the solidness of wood, using it as a firm base where the clay layers can float upon.This structure brings a lightness and airiness to the composition

An interesting detail is that I deliberately applied the golden ratio for this composition. Maybe an obvious thing for artists, but a whole new discovery for me.


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Peter Goossens and Ann Van Hoey

Prachtig werk… én een oudleerlinge van het IKA Mechelen.

Peter Goossens and Ann Van Hoey All of us will have a set of chunky plain white plates in our dining service past (or present) – sure, they are serviceable, easily replaceable, can be thrown into the dishwasher, and are an anonymous background to any food they carry.  But what happens when you break out of the mould and choose plates and dishes that create a new canvas? This is exactly what Peter Goossens at the esteemed restaurant, Hof van Cleve, has done.  Goossens asked Belg … Read More

via Tasting & Living #12 September 2011