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Now look at this! Gertjan van der Stelt

While visiting the Goudse Keramiek Dagen last week, I bumped into the beautiful ceramic sculptures of Gertjan van der Stelt. Not literally off course  -thank god for that- but on my way to the ceramics market I passed by a gallery showing van der Stelts work – and fell in love. Take a look yourself:

Gertjan van der Stelt - Octagon
Gertjan van der Stelt – Octagon


It reminded me a bit of beautifully carved faceted forms of Halima Cassel. The strong geometric patterns, robust colors, playing with facets and iterations.

If you want to take a look at van der Stelts work, visit his website or if you happen to be passing by Gouda, make sure you stop by Galerie De Hollandsche Maagd.

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clay meets wood – layered

clay meets wood - layered
clay meets wood - layered

Layered – is the next composition of the ‘Clay meets Wood’ family. It’s based on my previous works where I experimented with layers of clay and later layers of clay mixed with other materials, such as glass.

This new variation plays with the solidness of wood, using it as a firm base where the clay layers can float upon.This structure brings a lightness and airiness to the composition

An interesting detail is that I deliberately applied the golden ratio for this composition. Maybe an obvious thing for artists, but a whole new discovery for me.