Up in the air

It’s a story about resilience and hope. It’s a story about how we are collectively confronted with one of our greatest challenges as humanity and as individuals.

And still , it’s a story about resilience and hope.

We’re faced with the colossal challenge of climate change and its unimaginable consequences. It seems incontournable. And yet, we need to act out of hope. Show our resilience. Imagine what we as a person, and as a collective can do to turn the tide.

This artistic project wants to tell the story of the duality we’re all entangled with.

The shapes are inspired by hot air balloons, as a symbol of hope, fragility and free of bounderies.

Each piece in this series is infused with the essence of the four elements. From the scorched soil, echoing the hope of new beginnings, to the tumultuous yet serene waters, these works of art carry a profound message of environmental consciousness. “Up in the Air” invites you to explore the intersection of art, hope, and the urgent need for positive change in our world. In short, a call for hope.



2023 – scorched soil, echoing the resilience of nature and hope of new beginnings

ceramic slipcasting, handbuilding, decorating and glazing techniques

combining porcelain, stains and stoneware.

dimensions: D23 cm x W 30 cm x H 38 cm – 2 kg



2022 – burned metal at first glance, but on closer inspection it’s bursting with micoscopic life

ceramic slipcasting and glazing techniques

combining stoneware and iron-based glaze.

dimensions: D16 cm x W 24cm x H 38 cm – 2,5 kg



2022 – the tumultuous yet serene waters, source of destruction and source of hope

ceramic slipcasting and glazing techniques

combining porcelain and colored porcelain slip

dimensions: D16 cm x W 24cm x H 36 cm – 2,5 kg



2022 – a breath of fresh air that became a carrier of disease, but most of our source of life

ceramic slipcasting and decorating techniques

combining porcelain and structures in porcelain

dimensions: D15 cm x W 23cm x H 36cm – 2,5 kg

In your face

A series of faces. Experimenting with geometry, playing with shadows and destilling character traits.

All handcrafted in clay.

a force of nature, playfull yet refined
32 x 22 cm
Stoneware ceramics

Bold and proud. With a soft edge to him.
38 x 22 cm
stoneware ceramics

as sweet as they get. Creative with a touch of quirkiness
34 x 23 cm
stoneware ceramics
firm but fair and fiercely proud of his moustache
32 x 22 cm
stoneware ceramics

The brow triplet
stoneware ceramics

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