International Ceramic Market – Haacht

International Ceramic Market – Haacht

If you happen to be in or from Belgium and you have a thing with ceramics, then the annual international Ceramic Market in Haacht  is a must-see.

When. June 8th from 9 am till 6 pm

Where. Haacht, GC Den Breughel

Why. With participants from Belgium and the Netherlands, to Hungary and even Kazakstan, you’re in for a treat.

And… I’ll be there with Zotvankeramiek. Yes, a bit scary being the little fish in the very big and impressive sea.


internationale keramiekmarkt Haacht 2014 - International ceramic market Haacht 2014
International ceramic market Haacht 2014

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  1. noranuyts schreef:

    Reblogged this on potjesensokjes and commented:
    Ik share even deze post van mijn vriendinneke Femke die samen met mij en 69 andere keramisten deelneemt aan de keramiekmarkt in Haacht op 8 Juni. Absoluut de moeite!

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