Sometimes a small cup just won’t do

I already told you about the magic of good cup of coffee. But, let’s face it: sometimes a small cup just won’t do.
Imagine tomorrow morning: monday, it’s been a short night, it’s cold outside and there is this miserably drizzle of rain. (Sorry, just setting the scene, not trying to ruin your mood).

Time to bring out the big guns! Or in this case, the big mug: perfect for a double shot of espresso and loads of steamed milk. And voila, there is the happily ever after, after-all.

white porcelain mug with blue ribbons, perfect for coffee
white porcelain mug with blue ribbons, perfect for coffee



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  1. noranuyts schreef:

    En nu eentje in rood, geel, groen πŸ˜‰

    1. femkedr schreef:

      ‘T zal nog niet zijn πŸ™‚ alleen blijkt de paarse versie licht grijs, maar dat hoort erbij πŸ™‚

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