Clika, the perfect excuse for porcelain spielerei and cava

Clika. With a small group of fellow ceramists – but mainly friends – we started Clika a year ago. Twice a year, we come together for some ‘spielerei’ as we call it: an afternoon of playing and experimenting with porcelain. The result? A whole set of rings, earrings, necklaces, the whole lot. But then,

Clika porselain jewels
Clika porselain jewels

we choose out a little artisan market to sell our stuff. Imagine a small table full of cute porcelain jewelry. Six ladies chatting away with eyes full of passion and pleasure, sipping on a glass of cava. Probably scaring away potential customers with our loudness, but who’s counting? And then, the proudness as we sell a piece…

Clika porselain jewels
Clika porselain jewels
Clika porcelain jewels
Clika porcelain jewels – work in progress

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