Masterclass with Sasha Wardell, I’m fan!

Two weeks ago, I had the honor of having a masterclass with Sasha Wardell, learning to cast with bone china. After I got over my ‘I’m standing here in total awe’-moment, I just fell completely in love with her work and bone china casting. Ok I admit it, her as well.


sasha wardell workshop
my own version – ready to get fired

I learned how to cast bone china, how to work with different layers of color, then scraping, slicing and washing away. This is the result, ready to go in the oven. And below the real thing. So I’m curious how it’s going to look finished.

sasha wardell sliced layers
Sasha Wardell version – sliced layers

Want more? Fall in love too with the fabulous work of Sasha Wardell.

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  1. I have to admit to being mesmerised by Sasha when she demonstrated at the Scottish Potters Assoc. annual get together last March. Her work is beautiful and I also secretly wanted to be adopted by her!
    Your version looks stunning.

  2. julietmacleod schreef:

    Ooh lucky you – I love her things.

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