Getrapt part 3 – Religious staircases

Voila, the third and last piece of my series Getrapt, called Fragile. This piece visualizes the religious role of a staircase. Just think about the endless steps leading up to temples and churches, or the steps in front of an altar, elevating the ‘sacred’.

getrapt - fragiel white porcelain staircases

I guess elevation summarizes what I wanted to express with these stairs: the airy and fragile stairs, leading to the sky. A kind of porcelain stairways to heaven, full of hope and beauty. But then there is also the other side of religion: the bloody history and the many sacrifices religion can claim, even today.

getrapt - fragiel2 white porcelain staircases
getrapt – fragiel2 white porcelain staircases

Fragile is the third piece of my series ‘Getrapt‘. Starting from the staircase as architectural element, I interpreted 4 different roles of a staircase (functional, religious, aesthetic and as status symbol), using the same white porcelain staircase. 

Take a peek at the other  pieces from these series: Trappe Blanche and Framed.

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  1. Pieter schreef:

    Looks great, fascinating piece!

  2. Vake schreef:

    great concept !
    Maybe there’s more to discover in ‘getrapt’

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