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Exhibition Architec-Tour IKA Mechelen 23/03

ArchitecTour 2013

When? Saturday 23/03 from 10 am to 4pm
Where? IKA Mechelen, Veemarkt 39, 2800 Mechelen

Clay and architecture have always been related. Sometimes as close friends, other times as mere acquaintances. Nevertheless they’ve always influenced and interacted with each other.

ArchitecTour 2013
ArchitecTour 2013

This interaction is the central theme of the Architec-Tour project: art students from all over Flanders were asked to interpret it and translate it into a piece of work.

As the project is getting to its final stage, the students of the IKA Mechelen (including myself) are organizing a sneak preview of their works for Architec-Tour.

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