High tea time… and there are the cups!

Finally. I have been working for about a year now on designing and creating a decent, user-friendly but still pretty tea (or coffee) set: cups, milk pitcher and a sugar bowl. Even tough I like the random collection of cups I have in my kitchen -each piece has its history-, I thought it was time for a well-matched set.

Stoneware ceramic tea set clayandmore
Stoneware ceramic tea set ©Clayandmore

Most work went to making the perfect cup. Big enough so you won’t need a refill after two sips, but not too big so your drink doesn’t get cold by the time you reached the bottom.
And the handle… o that handle. It took me 5 versions to finalise the handle. One that gives you a good grip and balances the cup, not only when it comes to handling but also design-wise.

Stoneware ceramic tea cups ©Clayandmore
Stoneware ceramic tea cups ©Clayandmore

The milk pitchers you might recognize. I created them a year ago and started from these cans to design and create the cups. Same for the sugar bowl.

Last but least, I would like to thank my family for drinking out of different versions of not-so-drinkable cups for a year. Sorry for all the stains on your clothes and hot tea in your laps, but now it’s safe again to come over for tea or coffee!

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