Ceramics – The faceted forms of Halima Cassell

  The way Halima Cassel has perfectioned the art of manipulating the planes and facets of a pattern, result in beautiful carved ceramic forms. Each ceramic piece is so intriguing, making you zoom in on the picture vigorously trying to find out how she possibly did it: where she started, how she carved the facets,…

Box illusions by Krystina Naylor

I just landed on the blog of Krystina Naylor and found this picture. I’m still baffled by it. You really need to look twice to see that she painted the illusion of an opened box. For more take a look at her blog OddShapesAndStuff.

clay meets wood – layered

Layered – is the next composition of the ‘Clay meets Wood’ family. It’s based on my previous works where I experimented with layers of clay and later layers of clay mixed with other materials, such as glass. This new variation plays with the solidness of wood, using it as a firm base where the clay…

clay meets wood

The first one of a series of compositions named ‘Clay meets wood’. The theme of this series is how ceramics and wood coincide, complement and contrast each other. This composition is inspired by nature’s delicate organic forms in contrast with the robustness of wood, therefore I decided to use only natural materials: clay without any…

Switching to English

Via dit kort berichtje wou ik jullie laten weten dat ik vanaf nu zal overschakelen naar Engels als voertaal. Dus… Here we go!